Pineapple Product Creations

At Everleaves, we use environmentally-friendly pineapple fibers for all of our products: turning pineapple leaves into a functional and fashionable substance is our mission. Not only does this reduce the pollution that is emitted from the production of alternative materials, but it adds economic value to these pineapple leaves which would have been otherwise incinerated and wasted. 


We work with farmers from the Prachuap Khiri Khan community in the western province of Thailand from all walks of life. They handmake the products, ensuring a personal touch to everything that Everleaves sells. By buying Everleaves products, you are supporting these farmers and ensuring that they are able to support themselves and their local communities while also reducing pollution to the environment.



First, we clean and slice the raw pineapple leaves

Next, we soak the leaves in water and add Sodium Hydroxide, then boil the mixture. This process takes around 3 hours

After that, we rinse and filter the cooked leaves so that we can get clean pineapple fibers

Fourth, we pour the fibers into a small tank of water

and spread them out equally

 Then, we spread the fibers across a frame and dry them for about one day

Finally, we are left with finished pineapple fiber paper

In the News



All his life, Much has considered himself as someone who is passionate about the environment. But in high school, he was able to turn his passion and ideas into action when he discovered the new process which developed pineapple leaves into a fiber which could be used to create all sorts of products and founded the social venture Everleaves. Now, he is continuing to find more ways to benefit the environment and currently working on methods to more efficiently extract bromelain (an enzyme coming from pineapple stems with many medical applications) and even developing a more environmentally-friendly insecticide which can be grown cheaply by farmers. Much looks forward to continuing all sorts of social enterprises which will play a part in a creating a more sustainable future in agriculture.